Measurement Around A Rotor Blade Excited In Pitch, Part 1: Dynamic Inflow.

Shiuh-Guang Liou, Narayanan Komerath, Mihir Kumar Lal .

Journal of the American Helicopter Society, Vol. 39, No. 2, April 1994, p. 3-12.

Abstract: This is the first of two papers describing experiments on a two-bladed rotor in hover, under controlled pitch excitation. Measurements of the inflow to the rotor are described, first under steady conditions, and then under prescribed 4-per-rev pitch excitation. The high data rates, data acquisition techniques and data quality required for this experiment are demonstrated, including 4-per-rev velocity variations due to 1-degree pitch oscillation, extracted over a single period of rotor revolution at 600rpm. The steady case results agree with lifting-line-based analytical predictions except in the tip region, as expected. The excited-blade case shows the 4-per rev velocity perturbation, and the dependence on the phase of the excitation. Spectral analysis of the LDV data shows multiple harmonics of the excitation frequency. The rate of pitch change is seen to be high enough to produce substantial hysteresis effects, whose variation with radial position is measured. The hysteresis is seen to arise from the inboard shed vorticity, and to decay towards the tip.