Wanis, S.S., Matos, C.A., and Komerath, N.M., "Acoustic Shaping: Application to Space Based Construction",  AIAA 00-1020, 38th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Jan. 2000, Reno, Nevada.

Previous work has shown the formation of solid particles into thin walls of specified shape using a resonant acoustic field in microgravity.  Here these results are summarized, and extended to study the qualitative effects of liquid addition and melting/ solidification in the acoustic field. Pure liquid forms into sheets, even in the 1-g environment, due to the static pressure differences in the resonant chamber; however these sheets exhibit instabilities, and shatter into droplets.   Stable thin walls are formed from liquid with suspended powder in 1-g.   With some adjustment of the frequency, the use of processes involving heating, cooling and phase changes are seen to be feasible. The implications of these findings to non-contact manufacturing and construction in space are discussed.

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