"Measurement of Aircraft Stability Parameters in the Wind Tunnel Using a Wind Driven Manipulator"
J.C.Magill L.A.Darden N.M.Komerath J.F.Dorsey

AIAA Paper 94-3457, Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, August 1994.

A wind driven dynamic manipulator is used to derive stability parameters of a lifting configuration in a wind tunnel. The parameters are deduced using system identification techniques from the dynamics of the manipulator with and without the configuration attached. The need for direct measurement of forces is obviated. The manipulator is represented by a second order linear model in the identification. This model is validated by comparing results from the actual system with a mathematical simulation of the manipulator. The measurement technique is validated by comparing pitch damping and stiffness for a set of calibration specimens to the values predicted from the specimen geometry. The results demonstrate that stability parameters of aircraft models can be measured conveniently by this technique.