Wind Turbulence Measurement Over Large Areas Using Spatial Correlation Velocimetry.

Michael H. Griffin, Robert B. Funk, Narayanan M. Komerath.

Proceedings of the Silver Symposium of the Flight Test Engineers Society, Patuxent River, MD. V-4- V-4-12, August 1994.

Abstract: To improve the safety of rotorcraft operation on ships and in urban areas, wind turbulence statistics are needed over large areas under various conditions. This paper describes progress towards a routine capability to make such measurements using Spatial Correlation Velocimetry. Previous applications in several flowfields are summarized and used to describe the variations and technical features of the method. Applications in 3 large-area flows are demonstrated, and a quantitative verification against single-probe measurements is shown for wind speeds of 10 to 57 fps. The computation of turbulence statistics from such data is demonstrated. Application to the full-scale ship environment is discussed.