GT to help develop Business Plan for Mars Exploration

A team of Georgia Tech students is one of six teams selected to write a Business Plan for the human exploration and development of Mars, under the "NASA Means Business" competition. The GT team proposes a plan for the Space Construction industry of the 21st century. This will expand their concept for non-contact manufacturing, which they have developed through two years of flight tests on NASA's Microgravity Flight Laboratory. The students will develop all aspects of the Plan for the Space Construction Industry, including venture strategic planning, market analysis, product development, public relations and marketing, finance, management and administration. The other five teams are from Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, M.I.T. and Texas A&M universities, and will consider different aspects of the Human Space Exploration endeavor.

Requests for further information regarding this project should be directed to:
Catherine Matos at the School of Aerospace Engineering, at 404-894-9622, e-mail: