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Course / Contact Author
 Course / Contact Author
Beginner's Guide to Aeronautics: NASA Glenn Research Center
Design-Centered Introduction to Aerospace Engineering:  Komerath  Unsteady Aerodynamics 1: Dr. Narayanan Komerath
 Basics of Space Flight: From JPL  Unsteady Aerodynamics 2: Narayanan Komerath
 History of Space Exploration   Advanced Compressible Flow: Dr. Marilyn Smith
 From Stargazers to Starships: Tutorial Exposition by NASA:   Engineering Design: Dr.  Farokh Mistree
Introduction  to Engineering Graphics and Visualization: Dr. Nelson Baker   Designing Open Engineering Systems:Dr.  Farokh Mistree
 Optimization in Engineering Design : Dr. Bert Bras
Introduction to Design II:  Dr. Farokh Mistree; Dr. Janet Allen  Computer-Aided Design: Dr. David Rosen
Fundamentals of Physics:: Dr. Michael Schatz,  Dr. Kurt Wiesenfeld, Dr. Walter deHeer,  Dan Creveling,  Ted Heath, Steve Jennings   Computer-Aided Design Systems: Dr. David Rosen
    Design Optimization: Dr. John Olds
Links to Physics tutorials: Dr. Henry Valk  
Rigid Body Mechanics: U. Oklahoma,M&AE: Dr. Kurt Gramoll
 Deformable Bodies: (homework solutions): Dr. James Craig  Extensive Library of Courses at the World Lecture Hall
Introduction  to helicopter aerodynamics: from (Paul Cantrell) 
 A Guided Tour of Wind Energy: Danish Wind Turbine Manuf, Assoc.  
 Low-Speed and high-angle of attack aerodynamics.  Komerath
 Aerodynamics 1: Dr. Sankar  
 Gas Dynamics / Compressible Flow: Narayanan Komerath  
 High-Speed Aerodymanics : Komerath  
 Advanced Flow Diagnostics  Komerath
  Flow Control Techniques: Narayanan Komerath
  Jet Propulsion: Komerath
 Structures: Dr. James Craig  
 Thin walled structures: Dr. Olivier Bauchau  
 Energy and variational methods Olivier Bauchau
 Mechanics of composite materials  Olivier Bauchau
Aeroelasticity: Vibration & Flutter. Dr.  Marilyn Smith
 Intro to Finite Elements. U. Oklahoma, M&AE:  Dr. Kurt Gramoll
Interactive Computer Graphics & Computer-Aided Design: Dr. David Rosen
Environmentally Conscious Design & Manufacture:  Dr. Bert Bras  
Mechanical Engineering Design II: Dr. Bert Bras
 Creative Decisions and Design:Drs. Janet Allen; David Rosen, Farokh Mistree
Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing: Dr. James Craig
Case Studies in Sustainable Development Drs.Bert Bras, Cindy Hmelo, EduTech (CoC), Jim Mulholland, CEE, Matthew Realff, ChE. 
Designing Sustainable Engineering Systems : Dr.  Farokh Mistree
 Multimedia in Engineering : U. Oklahoma, M&AE: Dr. Kurt Gramoll