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Introduction  to Engineering Graphics and Visualization: Dr. Nelson Baker   http://www.ce.gatech.edu/~cee1770/

The World Lecture Hall

Structural Dynamics  http://www.ce.gatech.edu/~cee6510/outline.html

Advanced Engineering Programming Methods   http://www.ce.gatech.edu/~cee6581/outline.html

Hydrology: http://www.ce.gatech.edu/~cee4210/resources.html

Technical Communications:  http://www.ce.gatech.edu/~cee8802a/outline.html

Buildingteam.com-Building and construction information for architects, enginee

  • Introduction to Ground-Water Hydraulics




  • Coast Construction Management
  • construction consulting solutions AGS Construction
  • Construction Management Companies
  • Construction Newsgroups and UseNet Listings For Architecture...
  • Construction unions investing in union construction

  • Contractors Hot Line (Home Page) - construction, contractor,...
    Excel Crane and Hydraulics Inc.
    Shashi Dhawal Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.- HomePage
    Puget Sound Hydraulics
    Advanced Cement Technologies  http://www.metakaolin.com/

    C S Hydraulics index

    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Engineering

    AAA Michigan Road Construction Report

    Builders Business News Services - Construction Industry New...

    Manly Hydraulics Laboratory Wave Data Recording Program

    Drilling Hydraulics for Excel and Lotus 123 spreadsheet user...

  • Internet-Accessible Software for Groundwater Modelling and A...



    Computational Hydraulics Int.

    Professional Societies
    ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers Homepage

    Structnet association of construction companies

    BIX - AEC / Construction Industry Directory of Architects, E...

    M.U.S.T. - Construction Association Web Site

    archinet - for architects and the construction industry

  • Institute of Hydraulics and Automation



    Fluid Power Society

    FHWA Office of Bridge Technology Hydraulics Group
    National Precast Organization  http://www.precast.org/
    American Concrete Institute   http://www.aci-int.net/
    Student Experimental Payload program:   http://www.sep.org/
    Aerospace and Transportation Education Association   http://www.astea.org/
    Portlant Cement Organization: http://www.portcement.org/
    Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute:    http://www.pci.org/

    Airports: Federal Aviation Administration    http://www.faa.gov/



    JPL Project Galileo  http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/galileo/index.html

    National Air and Space Museum  http://www.nasm.edu/