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Introduction: Design-Centered Intro to Aerospace Engineering (Komerath)
School of  Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

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Interactive Computer Graphics & Computer-Aided Design: ME4041: Dr. David Rosen

Creative Decisions and Design: ME3110: Dr. Janet Allen; Dr. David Rosen, Dr.  Farokh Mistree

Environmentally Conscious Design & Manufacture: ME4171: Dr. Bert Bras

Mechanical Engineering Design II: ME4180: Dr. Bert Bras

Optimization in Engineering Design : ME6172: Dr. Bert Bras

Computer-Aided Design: ME6175 : Dr. David Rosen

Computer-Aided Design Systems: ME6176: Dr. David Rosen

Design Optimization : AE6350: Dr. John Olds  (Space Launch Vehicle Design)
Multidisciplinary Design , Construction, and Flight Testing of A Very Small Remotely-Piloted Reconnaissance Airplane


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