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Rigid Body Mechanics: ENGR 2113-201. Univ. of Oklahoma,Dept. of M&AE: Dr. Kurt Gramoll

Deformable Bodies: AE2102 (homework solutions): Dr. James Craig

 www.ae.gatech.edu/~jcraig/AE3106/ae3106.html : Dr. James Craig

Thin walled structures:
http://www.ae.gatech.edu/~obauchau/tos/tws.html Dr. Olivier Bauchau

Energy and variational methods
 http://www.ae.gatech.edu/~obauchau/tos/evm.htmlDr. Olivier Bauchau

Mechnics of composite materials
 http://www.ae.gatech.edu/~obauchau/tos/cmp.htmlDr. Olivier Bauchau

ENGR 4510-026 Intro to Finite Elements. Univ. of Oklahoma,Dept. of M&AE:  Dr. Kurt Gramoll

Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing: AE4360
www.ae.gatech.edu/~jcraig/AE4360/ae4360.html: Dr. James Craig

Courses: E317 Institute of Lightweight Structures and Aerospace Engineering at

Aerospace Structures & Computational Mechanics; Education

TuPAS, Tutorial Page of Aerospace Structures

Advanced Structural Dynamics course work

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  • Adaptive Structures at AUBURN UNIVERSITY
  • Structural Dynamics and Control Laboratory

  • Structures Solid Mechanics Group Web Server


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