Space News Listing of Satellite Companies:

     Ball Aerospace:

     Boeing Space:

     Globalstar Communications:

     Honeywell Space:

     Hughes Space:

     Iridian Spectral Technologies:

     Irvin Aerospace  parachute manufacturers.

     L-3 Communication Systems-East -

     Lockheed Martin Missles and Space:

     Magnavolt Technologies, Inc -

     Malin Space Science Systems Home Page :

     Mobile Satellite Users Association -

     Motorola Space Systems Homepage:

     Orbital Sciences:

     Raytheon Missile:


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     United Technologies:


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Space News Listing of Space-related Companies:

Guigne Companies:

Israel Armament Development Authority: RAFAEL:

Lockheed-Martin / NASA / Boeing X-33 VentureStar project:

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Industrial MicroElectronics Center, Sweden:

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Hydrogen Energy Resources:

            Aerojet (division of GenCorp)
            Alcatel Espace
            Alenia Aerospazio Space Division
            AlliedSignal Inc.
            Analytical Graphics, Inc.
            Avtec Systems
            AXA Space
            Boeing Co.
            California Microwave Inc.
            Comsat Corp.
            Computer Sciences Corp.
            omposite Optics, Inc.
            Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG
            EchoStar Communications Corp.
            General Electric Co.
            Harris Corp.
            Honeywell Inc.
            Hughes Electronics Corp.
            Informatics International, Inc.
            ISE Corp.
            Lockheed Martin Corp.
            Loral Space & Communications Ltd.
            Matra Marconi Space
            Motorola Inc.
            McDonnell Douglas Corp.
            NEC Corp.
            Orbital Sciences Corp.
            Qualcomm Inc.
            Rockwell International Corp.
            Sea Launch
            Space Imaging
            The Space Store
            Telesat Canada
            Thiokol Corp.
            Toshiba Corp.
            Trimble Navigation Ltd.
            TRW Inc.
            United States Space Foundation
            United Technologies Corp.
            Ylinen Electronics Co.