Calculators (you put in a few numbers; out comes the answer)

Standard Atmosphere: U. Syracuse's Dr. Higuchi:

Reynolds number calculator (Higuchi)

Mach number calculator. Higuchi :

Speed, M, Re etc. Calculator: T.U. Delft:

Dynamic Pressure Calculator:  Higuchi:

Disk drag coefficient.   OZON:

Sphere drag coefficient OZON:

Sphere drag calculation: Higuchi :

Cone and ballute drag coefficients  OZON:

Parachute with rigid canopy:  OZON:

NACA 4-digit airfoil series: Jens Trapp and Robert Zores.Instt.Fluid Mech.,  DLR.

NACA 5-digit airfoil series: Jens Trapp and Robert Zores. Institute Fluid Mechanics, DLR

2-D Airfoil Flow   Calculator: U. Michigan:

Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator : Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Isentropic Flow Calculator: T.U. Delft:

Mass Flow  Calculator: TU Delft:

Prandtl-Meyer Flow Calculator: T.U. Delft:

Normal and oblique shocks : T.U. Delft:

Numerical Simulations
Airfoil analysis by Hess-Smith Panel Method: Higuchi:

Simulation of boundary layer separation: Higuchi

Shockwave applet:  Higuchi :

Sound propagation from a moving source (Higuchi):

Baseball pitch simulation: Higuchi :

Golf ball trajectory simulation: Higuchi :

Streamlines past spinning cylinder: Higuchi :

Superposition of Elementary Flows  Higuchi :

Simulation of a pendulum in a fluid: (Higuchi):

Interactive flow computation from Dr. Ilan Kroo's textbook:

Scientific/Technical Center "OZON", Russia:  Server-based Computation of  parachute/parafoil aerodynamics; fabric aeroelasticity; structural dynamics.  Requires only user's e-mail address.

PROFOIL-WWW Version 1.1

Synergium's CFD Tools

Lifting Line Calculation of Low-Speed Wing Aerodynamics

Panel Method for Airfoil Design


Space Science  NASA Cost Estimation Models  Spacecraft & Mission Design Tools, CalTech  View the Solar System Live


NASA Ames Research Center: Subsonic Airplane Design Example:

Daniel P. Raymer's Downloadable programs Site:

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