Aerodynamics Technical Committee

2011 AHS Annual Forum Aerodynamics Papers

Paper ID Title Author
50 Experimental Study of Dynamic Stall Control using Deployable Leading-Edge Vortex Generators Le Pape et al
84 Unstructured Overset Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Rotorcraft Aerodynamic Interactions Shenoy and Smith
111 Numerical Investigation of Rotorcraft Fuselage Drag Reduction using Active Flow Control Allan and Schaeffler
117 Aerodynamic Studies of High Advance Ratio Rotor Systems Quackenbush et al
132 Evaluation of Particle Clustering Algorithmsin the Prediction of Brownout Dust Clouds Govindarajan and Leishman
149 Comparisons of Predicted Brownout Dust Clouds with Photogrammetry Measurements Syal and Leishman
157 Rotor Loads Prediction In Level and Maneuvering Flight Using Unstructured-Adaptive Cartesian CFD Sankaran et al
158 Eulerian-Lagrangian Analysis of Cloud Evolution using CFD Coupled with a Sediment Tracking Algorithm Thomas, Ananthan and Baeder
179 Numerical Prediction of Static and Dynamic Stall Phenomena using the g-Reqt Transition Model Medida and Baeder
182 Computation of UH-60A Airloads Using CFD/CSD Coupling On Unstructured Meshes Biedron and Lee-Rausch
196 Application of a High-Fidelity Icing Analysis Method to a Model-Scale Rotor in Forward Flight Narducci, Orr and Kreeger
214 Understanding Brownout Conditions from Dual-Phase Flow Measurements of Dust Uplift Mechanisms Sydney, Baharani and Leishman
244 Active Flaps and Slats for Rotor Performance Enhancement Ravichandran et al
261 Optimum Rotor Performance with Realistc Constraints by Finite-State Induced Flow Methods Peters, File and Ormiston
273 Correlating Coupled CFD Simulation With Wind Tunnel Test for the Full-Scale UH-60A Airloads Rotor Romander, Chang and Norman
280 A Hybrid Solver with Combined CFD and Viscous Vortex Particle Method Zhao and He
297 Development of an Unsteady Aerodynamic Model for Upstream Miniature Trailing-Edge Effectors Coder, Vieira and Maughmer
309 Hierarchical Variable Fidelity Methods for Rotorcraft Aerodynamic Design and Analysis Quon et al
313 CFD Code Validation for Complete Helicopters - The European GOAHEAD Project Schwarz and Pahlke
315 Application of Adaptive Mesh Refinement Technique in Helios to Blade-Vortex Interaction Loading and Rotor Wakes Lim et al
319 High Resolution Navier-Stokes Simulation of Rotor Wakes Chaderjian and Buning
322 Evaluation of a Dual-Mesh CFD Approach for Rotor Hub Drag Prediction Ochs et al




The Korean tiltrotor UAV undergoes testing