Aerodynamics Technical Committee


2013 AHS Annual Forum Aerodynamics Papers

Number Title Authors
34 A Far Field Boundary and Initial Condition for the Simulation of Hovering Rotors based on Turbulent Jets   Repsher, Spalart
62 Assesment of Morphing Wings on the horizontal stabilizer of a Tiltrotor   Simioni, Ponza, Benini
82 Shape Optimization of Helicopter Rotors in Forward Flight   Naik, Economon, Colonno, Alonso
122 Helicopter Rotor Design using Adjoint-based Optimization in a Coupled CFD-CSD Framework   Mishra, Mani, Mavriplis, Sitaraman
132 Helicopter Fuselage Drag Reduction Using Active Flow Control: a Comprehensive Experimental Investigation   Le Pape, Lienard, Verbeke, Pruvost, Monnier
139 Turbulence Modifications and Phase Couplings in Ground Effect under Simulated Brownout Conditions   Raulender, Leishman
141 FUN3D Airload Predictions for the Full-Scale UH-60A Airloads Rotor in a Wind Tunnel   Lee-Rausch, Biedron
182 Measurements of the Turbulent Vortex Sheet in the Wake of a Hovering Rotor   Miluzzo, Leishman
199 Towards the Next Generation of Grid-Based Vorticity-Velocity Solvers for General Rotorcraft Flow Analysis Whitehouse, Boschitsch
208 Improved Prediction of Complex Rotorcraft Aerodynamics  Sanchez-Rocha, Smith, Menon
223 Experimental investigation of air jets to control shock-induced dynamic stall   Gardner, Richter, Mai, Neuhaus
230 Numerical Identification of Laminar-Turbulent Transition Mechanisms for a Helicopter Rotor in Forward Flight  Heister
231 Oscillating Iced Airfoil Pressure Measurement and Computation   Lorber, Flemming, O'Neill, Narducci, Reinert, Sankar, Kim
263 Minimum Power Requirements and Optimal Rotor Design for Conventional and Compound Helicopters Using Higher Harmonic Blade Root Control   Hall, Giovanetti
266 Influence of oscillation amplitude and Mach number on the unsteady transition on a pitching rotor blade airfoil   Richter, Koch, Gardner
318 Loosely Coupled CFD/CSD Simulations of Helicopter Rotors in Forward Flights   Sheng, Abdelaal, Zhao, Narramore
340 Role of Improved Turbulence and Transition Modeling Methods in Rotorcraft Simulations   Medida, Baeder
348 Measurements Comparing Hover Performance of Single, Coaxial, Tandem, and Tilt-Rotor Configurations Ramasamy
355 Optimum Loading and Induced Swirl Effects in Hover   Bhagwat
385 On the Definitions of Rotor and Rotorcraft Power and Performance Ormiston





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