There are dozens of major digital information resources coming on-line, worldwide. The following is a small but important sample of these. Several of these centers open gateways to the new centers coming on-line. Are there better ways to organize these? Sure, there must be millions of possibilities, changing every day as these huge, live resources keep growing and evolving. Please let us know if you think of one which is lasting and general enough to implement: your ideas are welcome!

P.S. The space at the bottom is filled up with interesting libraries. Check these out: they were selected to cater to user tastes. You'll find the poems of Shakespeare, the Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the US, novels by Agatha Christie, paintings, and many, many other things. Make sure you are wearing a watch before you click on these.
University Libraries On-line Publication Archives: 
specific servers
U.S. Government Information Centers Information Centers Overseas
Georgia Tech Electronic Library
JSTOR:Journals on-line
United States Government Printing Office
Korea Research Information Center
Aalborg University Library (English version)
National Academy Press
United States Library of Congress
The British library
OCLC: On-line Computer Library Center
NASA Technical Reports Server
Interactive Citizens' Handbook
CERN: European Laboratory for Particle Physics Library
University of Michigan Digital Libraries Project
OCLC Inter-Cat: Catalog of Internet Resources
GILS: Global Information Locator Service
Bibliotheque nationale de France:
Stanford Integrated Digital Library Project
NASA Scientifc and Technical Information Program: NASA Center for AeroSpace Information (CASI)
National Library of Medicine
The library of the Institut Pasteur (English version)
University of Illinois Digital Libraries at Urbana-Champaign
NACA Digital Library: Scanned Reports back to 1959 National Oceanic and Amospheric Administration (NOAA)
ISO: International Standards Organization
University of California at Santa-Barbara
D-Lib Magazine
Library of Congress:
Aerospace Worldwide Web Virtual Library at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University:
CMU: Internet Connections for Engineering:
National Archival Information Locator: National Archives& Records Administration
 Gabriel: Gateway to Europe's National Libraries
University of California at Berkeley
Engineering Connections at NASA:
Defense Technical Information Center
Cambridge University Library
 The Making of America Smithsonian Institution
Cranfield University Library
ASEE List of Engineering Libraries: Cornell U.
National Air and Space Museum
The Open University Library
 Online Electronic Science Library
DoD Libraries:
Royal Institute of Technology Library, Stockholm
Physical Constants: NIST database
Perseus Project: Ancient Literature
Georgia Tech Civil Engineering Virtual Library:
IBM's Patent Network Great Books On-Line
Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library:
NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
Victorian Women Writers Project
Project Gutenburg: Public-domain books
The Internet Public Library