The F/A-18 flying across the bottom of each screen is from the Home Page of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the professional society where we present much of our work. We maintain theWeb Page of the AIAA's Aerodynamic Measurement Technology (AMT) Technical Committee.

The logo on our Home Screen is a modified Yellow Jacket ("Buzz"), mascot of the Georgia Institute of Technology, exhibiting the Weiss-Fogh unsteady aerodynamic phenomenon in its superb low-speed maneuverability. Digging under dead plants in Atlanta is likely to result in getting chased around the house by these natural fighter aircraft.

The background of the Publications Screen is "Books", a background developed by the Baltimore College of Design.

The background of "Recent Projects" and this screen is a laser sheet image of the wake of a pitching airfoil, conducted by us (GTEAG) in 1990. It was an unsuccessful research experiment (we were trying something else) which got turned into several successful image-based homework assignments in junior through graduate aerodynamics courses (See Flow Imaging & Controls Lab).

The background of "Facilities" is a pulsed laser sheet image across two turns of the tip vortex from a single-bladed rotor at 500rpm in our 9' Hover Facility. The rotor tip path plane is to the right. Note how big the core of the vortex has grown in 360 degrees of vortex age.

The background of "What We Do" is a laser sheet image across the tail of a 1/32-scale YF22 aircraft model undergoing violent pitch-yaw maneuvers on our Adaptive Wind Driven Dynamic Manipulator. See papers by Magill et. al. for a descriptio of this device.

The background of "Data Reports" is the starting vortex of an airfoil accelerating from rest, captured from a water table by undergraduates Bryan Palmintier and Peter Bellini.

The background of "Diagnostic Techniques for Maneuvering Rotorcraft" is the cross-flow pattern at the trailing edge of a rotorblade with a complex tip shape, cutting through smoke sheets at 500rpm in our 9' Hover Facility.