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Bluff Body Aeromechanics

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Sumant Sharma, et al, Wall effect on fluid-structure interactions of a tethered bluff body, Physics Letters A, 2013. Accepted Manuscript (PDF)


Preliminary Test Conditions Summary

Tunnel Blockage Metric: AR1 PVC cylinder

Support Interference Metrics

Stepper Motor Dimensions

Tripod Mount Scaled to PVCAR1 Cylinder Silhouette

Largest Obstruction Case tried: AR4 Cylinder on slender mount (vibration stopped the test)

AR1 Cylinder Loads (see Quasi-steady Loads in AR1 Low Inertia Test Case)

Sumant Sharma et al, Aerodynamic instability Modes for a Load Slung From a Helicopter. Proceedings of ASME 2012 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, IMECE 2012 Nov. 2012, Houston, Texas, USA IMECE2012-86446. Final draft manuscript


Test Case: CONEX

Cuboid Quasi-Steady Loads Report ADLP2015022401

Vrishank Raghav et al, Study of Factors Driving Pitch, Roll and Yaw Coupling in Bluff Body Aerodynamics. AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Meeting, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2011. Draft Manuscript


Test Case: AR1 Low Inertia Rough Cylinder

Quasi-Steady Loads AR1 Low Inertia Cylinder
Sumant Sharma et al, Efficient Modeling of Dynamic Blockage Effects for Unsteady Wind Tunnel Testing. AHS Forum 69, Phoenix, AZ, May 2013.  

Test Case: Variable-Inertia Flat Plate

Flat Plate Quasi-Steady Loads Report ADLP2015022402


Test Case: PVC Cylinders of different aspect ratios


Test Case: Porous Box

Porous Box Quasi-Steady Loads Report ADLP2015022403


Test Case: Truck


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Truck at 45 degrees yaw

Generic ModelsModel Geometry and Pictures