In memory of "J2H"

John Harper's aerospace engineering students  were not in any way shy about contributing to the "word" on him.

Rumor holds that Professor Harper gave "C" grades to the brothers Orville and Wilbur, before they figured out canard designs: this  was  no doubt itself a canard started by some disgruntled survivor of a Harper midterm test, but recent undergraduates have been known to believe this for several days.

Life in the Guggenheim building had other excitement besides floods, shattering fluttter models, and students seeking more points. One day, Prof. Harper was standing at the 3rd floor window overlooking North Avenue when he saw a man pushing a green armchair down the sidewalk. "H'mm, that looks just like my office chair", J2H is quoted as commenting. It was, never being seen again.

Nearing retirement, J2H is reputed to have struck back at the long-suffered injustice of the "Course Evaulation" happiness ratings: he is reputed to have announced, deadpan as always, as he collected the Final Exam papers in "Stab&C'l", that he had already peeked and read all their comments on that quarter's evaluation. Rumor or not, it is true that this caused several sweaty brows and long faces in the days before the grades were announced. J2H flatly refused comment, but was observed to smile in mischievous satisfaction when he thought no one was looking.