Identification and Control of 
Quasi-Periodicity in Vortex Flows

Air Force Office of Scientific Research

An example of basic research growing out of a pressing problem, this project studies why steady vortex flows over swept wings develop quasi-periodic fluctuations which drive structural vibrations of downstream components. The phenomenon has been shown to be present on all swept-wing configurations. Using asynchronous laser imaging techniques coupled with laser velocimetry and spectral analysis of thermal anemometry, the fluctuations have been traced to their origin near the wing surface. Empirical predictions have been developed for existing configurations. The origin of the fluctuations has been traced to counter-rotating vortical structures in the flow over the wing at high angles of attack; these correspond to structures formed by centrifugal instability.  This matches the observation that they  amplify and focus in an otherwise chaotic flow, and that they were independent of precise leading edge shapes and Reynolds and Mach numbers. We have demonstrated over 70% reduction in spectral peak intensity at the vertical tail, using the surface layer hypothesis. This means that the spectral peak has essentially been removed, and the fluctuation level reduced to the broadband turbulence level. This has been shown to work on scale-models of present aircraft, as well as on isolated delta wings.

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