Diagnostic Techniques for Maneuvering Rotorcraft 

Army Research Office

Computations and traditional measurement tools are far too slow and expensive to detect and understand all the aerodynamic interactions encountered by rotorcraft over the vast range of parameters in transitional maneuvers. We are learning to extract instantaneous 2-D velocity fields, vortex trajectories, and configuration geometry from the same video images using inexpensive white-light sources over large areas typical of rotorcraft and wind turbine flows. Besides obvious benefits in aircraft development, this opens up large-area atmospheric boundary layer turbulence phenomena. The issues are in optimizing resolution, and in the possibilities inherent in iterative and interactive analysis of space-and time-dependent multiple property fields. The Spatial Correlation Velocimetry technique offers iterative extraction of turbulence scales and basic flow metrics such as dilatation ( in reacting flows), eddy lifetimes and histories, and rotation, in high-Reynolds number, highly unsteady flows. These techniques use personal computers for initial results, followed by iterations on distributed-processor computers. Recently we have demonstrated successful application of the technique to rotor flowfield measurement in a large industry facility, without using lasers. 

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