eBooks From NASA and Those Developed Under EXTROVERT


Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Aerospace Engineering


Experimental Aerodynamics and Concepts Group




Jenkins, D.R., X15: Extending the Frontiers of Flight

Chambers, J.R., Modeling Flight

Merlin, P.W., Crash Course


EXTROVERT: Design of a Thermoelectric EduKitchen System

EXTROVERT: Space Power Grid Approach to Space Solar Power

Launius, R.D., Jenkins, D.R., Coming Home: Re-entry and Recovery from Space



Micro Renewable Energy Systems



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eBooks provide random access to technical material, while presenting the same content as class notes in a more descriptive manner. They provide an index for quick access, and can be downloaded to personal e-readers, laptop computers, and e-pads, and even smartphones. At the initial level, these eBooks are intended for use by students taking the courses. This consideration demands respect for brevity and quick movement through content, at the expense of the many qualifications and exceptions that a standard technical textbook would include. Some examples are given, but for the most part the emphasis is exactly as in a university classroom.