Models Tested

The F-15, YF-22 and F-117 aircraft tested were 1/32-scale plastic hobby shop models that were internally strengthened for wind tunnel testing.  Velocity fluctuations a small distance upstream of the vertical tails were measured through hot-film anemometry.  Each of the three fighter aircraft models exhibited narrow-band spectral peaks in the flowfield near the top of the vertical tails.  Flat plate delta wing models were then fabricated such that each had the planform of one of the aircraft models.  The relative position of the measurement location remained fixed to the planform.  Each of  fighter planform delta wing models also exhibited narrow-band spectral peaks in the flowfield at the measurement location.


F-15 Tail Buffet Alleviation Results
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Reduced Frequency Scaling:    Linear Peak Frequency/Velocity Slopes:    Models Tested:
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