1/16-Scale F-15 Wind Tunnel Test

The F-15 wind tunnel testing at Georgia Tech has primarily taken place in our Low Turbulence Wind Tunnel (LTWT) facility with 1/32-scale models.  Additional tests were run in the 7' x 9' Harper Wind Tunnel to ensure results were independent of wall and tunnel specific effects.  We have recently fabricated a 1/16-scale F-15 model for tests in the Harper Tunnel scheduled April 1998.

The following are the primary goals of this test series:

 F-15 Tail Buffet Alleviation Results
Introduction:    Spectral Amplification:    Centrifugal Instabilities:
Reduced Frequency Scaling:    Linear Peak Frequency/Velocity Slopes:    Models Tested:
Empirical Peak Frequency Data:    Surface Fence Tests:    Reduction in Spectral Intensity:
Reductions Over all Angles:    Comparison with Flight Tests:    Summary:
Future F-15 Wind Tunnel Tests: