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Experimental Aerodynamics Renewable Energy Flow Diagnostics & Control Advanced Concepts

Aerodynamic Interactions Research

Rotor-airframe interactions project, 1982-93

Rotor and Fuselage in Ground Effect

Rotor-Wing-Flap Interaction

Download Modification Paper

Vortex-Surface Interactions

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Laser Velocimetry

Large Area Spatial Correlation Velocimetry

Particle Image Velocimetry (see Retreating Blade project for examples)

EXTROVERT: Learning To Innovate Across Disciplines

Bluff Body Aeromechanics (2009-2014)

Micro Renewable Energy Systems Lab Pressure Sensitive Paint for High Frequency Acoustic Shaping

Retreating Blade Stall: 3D effects (2004-2014)

Reverse Flow Rotor (2010-2014)


Parafoil Midsection Collapse: Video Photogrammetry

Parafoil paper

Electromagnetic Force Field Tailoring
Hub Drag Deconstruction (2010-2013)   Unsteady Vortex Generation: Pulsed Laser Sheet Visualization Space Power Grid
High-Reynolds Number Wake Evolution (1996-98)   MultiWinglets Retail Power Beaming

Tip Vortex Measurements in Hover (1982-89)

Unsteady Inflow To a Pitching Rotor Blade (1991-92)

Rotor Near Wake Measurements in Forward Flight (1997-2002)


Stagnation Point Vortex Controller

SAE paper 1997

Roll Control Paper

Liquid-Hydrogen Fueled Supersonic Airliner
Quasi-Periodicity in Vortex Flows: Twin-Tail Buffeting (1992-97)    
Adaptive Wind Driven Dynamic Manipulator (1993-2002)  


Memories: The John Harper Years    


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