ADL's ExTRO_VERT interface Type 1, Level 0



Start with the Design-Centered Introduction to Aerospace Engineering





1. Astronaut: A thorough, sequential presentation of notes. This will be slower, but more systematic, guided approach, with logical but often simplified presentations of the material.

This is the default interface to ADL: Frames with a link to "Theory", going to various courses.


Needed: a "site-map" on the front page, or on the first page of "Theory" showing progression of subject matter.


Level 0: Intro course front page ---------> Sub-discipline map, plus Course outline ----> intro course

Level 1: From SD map ----> (Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Atmospheric Science, Space Science, Flight Mechanics, Structures, Controls, Design) Each has its own course level list/map

Level 2: Each course has its topic list.

Level 3: Topic in each sub-discipline, going to Concept Engine, notes, other resources. Giving progression to next topic.

Level 4: Explanation/ examples/ user manuals of each resource.