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Learning Across Disciplines


Learner-Adaptive Interface


The existing Aerospace Digital Library site (http://www.adl.gatech.edu) is augmented with an EXTROVERT user interface that explains learning styles and allows them to choose different ways of learning the same concepts. This is based on what is known about learning styles as applicable to engineering education and problem-solving. The site has 4 different styles (emphasis given in parentheses):

Astronaut (detailed methods, standard solution procedures),

Barnstormer (worked examples),

Eagle (perspective, top-down approach),

Rocket Scientist (first-principles derivations).


Users will have access to assessments at different steps along the way, so that they are not frozen into one way of learning.


One purpose in informing users of the existence of learning styles is to provoke thought about how they learn, show that others may do things differently, and encourage crossover between styles.

Users may also find that they want to learn in their own discipline like a Rocket Scientist, but want to be “barnstormers” and try out examples to learn when they are in a new discipline.

Users will be asked to sign up for a user ID and password, with information on their academic background and interests, so that their learning can be tracked, and they can be provided relevant guidance to resources that will help them.


The interface will start at the conceptual design level, and then proceed to more formal content on some areas, notably aero/fluids and propulsion, where we can access a variety of learning material. 



What type of Learner are you? Try any of the following, see below for explanations.

Space Shuttle LandingEagleWright FlyerLj2Inch



Space Shuttle Landing1. Astronaut: A thorough, sequential presentation of notes. Systematic, guided approach, with logical but often simplified presentations of the material.

Eagle2. Eagle: A birds-eye view of the entire subject matter through lists and site-maps, freedom to pick precise items quickly.

Wright fFyer3. Barnstormer: Problem-solving based approach to subject matter. Web-based "calculators", on-line computer programs and simulations, and data bases. Trial-and-error expected.

Lj2Inch4. Rocket Scientist: Hyperlinked derivations of material will be presented with a no-holds-barred usage of mathematics, and a rigorous graduate-school-level presentation of theory.





Research on Learning Styles







Acknowledgements: "STS_Land" and "Wright-Flyer" from image files supplied by Deneba Canvas. "Eagle" photo, origin unknown. Rocket launch: "Lj2lnch.JPG", www.boeing.com, historical archives.

"ExTro_VERT" and the interface are Copyright 2000, Komerath, N.M. & Smith, M.J., Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Aerospace Engineering.