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Example 1 Pressure gradient and rotation
Example 2 Two parallel streams mixing
Example 3 Terms in the integral conservation equations: physical meaning
Example 4 Air jets impinging on plate and cascade of vanes
Example 5 Flow through a pipe tee and elbow: continuity and momentum equations applied
Example 6 Turboprop engine: change in stagnation enthalpy by 1-D energy equation
Example 7 Substantial derivative
Example 8 Airfoil drag coefficient from wake momentum deficit
Example 9 Reaction force due to flow turning
Example 10 Pressure force on the nose of a body in a flow
Example 11 Acceleration terms through a quasi 1-D contraction
Example 12 Reaction force on a jet engine test stand
Example 13 Horizontal axis wind turbine quasi 1-D flow and forces
Example 14 Turbine horsepower
Example 15 Airplane Pitot and static pressures: Bernoulli equation
Example 16 Wind tunnel stagnation and static pressures: Bernoulli equation
Example 17 Closed circuit wind tunnel
Example 18 Static enthalpy of different gases
Example 19 Speed of sound in helium vs. air
Example 20 Isentropic relations connecting stagnation and static properties in a wind tunnel
Example 21 Experimental determination of the speed of sound in air
Example 22 Mach number and Mach angle
Example 23 Stagnation and static temperature in supersonic flight
Example 24 Pressure coefficient on an airplane wing
Example 25 Error in pressure calculation if compressibility were neglected
Example 26 Highest speed achieved when air blows out of a reservoir