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Example 1 Twisted finite wing: lifting line analysis
Example 2 Bound circulation spanwise distribution and trailed vortex sheet strength
Example 3 Induced drag coefficient at a given section of a finite wing
Example 4 Glauert planform factor
Example 5  
Example 6 Absolute angle of attack, L/D and midspan circulation
Example 7 Vorticity, stream function, Euler equation and pressure coefficient
Example 8 Using the definition of vorticity to find velocity components
Example 9 Stagnation pressure and irrotationality
Example 10 Physical explanation of the terms in the integral conservation equations
Example 11 Terms corresponding to physical quantities
Example 12  
Example 13 Definitions: perfect fluid, streamline, superposition
Example 14 Circulation and vorticity
Example 15 Stream function physical definition
Example 16 Conditions for stream function to exist
Example 17 Bernoulli equation and pressure coefficient
Example 18 Elliptic and symmetric loadings of a finite wing
Example 19 Root section circulation and geometric angle of attack of a finite wing
Example 20 Does a velocity potential exist for this flow field?
Example 21 Does a stream function and/or a velocity potential exist for this flow?
Example 22 Finding circulation around a given path in a flowfield
Example 23 Pitot tube on an airplane
Example 24 Stagnation and static pressure in a wind tunnel test section
Example 25 Closed circuit wind tunnel
Example 26 Velocity components and flow speed ina potential flow
Example 27 Calculating streamlines around a cylinder in a potential flow
Example 28 Speed and pressure coefficient distribution around a cylinder in potential flow
Example 29  
Example 30