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Example 1 Transformation to Laplace equation
Example 2 Shape and tangency boundary condition
Example 3 Derive relation cl=cl0/Beta
Example 4 Lift curve slope vs. Mach number
Example 5 Cp and static pressure at high subsonic Mach number
Example 6 Airfoil thickness and pressure coefficient vs Mach number
Example 7 Linearized potential equation error (this is supersonic!)
Example 8 Calculating stagnation pressure
Example 9 Velocity component at a point on a surface
Example 10 Variation of Cp with Mach number
Example 11 Wing parameter transformation with Mach number
Example 12 Ellipsoid of revolution
Example 13 Wing lift curve slope change with Mach number
Example 14 Wing lift curve slope change with Mach number
Example 15 Delta wing sweep for corresponding wings
Example 16 Slender body theory derivation
Example 17  
Example 18  
Example 19